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Forming Capabilities
Over a 30 years of experience and development in tooling let us become one the out-standing facilities covering extensive needs of customers.
Hydraulic Presses
Our highly skilled workers for over 30 years of experience in dish forming facilitates customer's very specific needs.
  • 400 ton Hydraulic Press
  • 200 Ton Hydraulic Press 2Nos.
  • 100 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • Diameter - 4000 mm depending on thickness upto 25mm.
Dished end Flanging (Spinning) Machine
Spinning machine provides the best accuracy and speed unparalled for dished end making.
Make - BlueValley, USA.
Capacity - Diameter - 4000 mm  
                Thickness- upto 16 mm.

Special Purpose Hydraulic Press
With 1 meter stroke 400 ton Hydraulic press, we can provide following services which otherwise not possible on conventional presses.

Cone Bending
We are one of the pioneers in Gujarat for cone Bending. Our specially designed attachments, fixtures and dies enables us to accommodate very complex cone bending with precision and smooth finish. We are always eager to take challenges and our facilities and experience welcome customer's difficult jobs.

Ovality Removal/ Straightening
Be it a cold/hot rolled or casting part, the press can easily remove ovality and make affordable for the customers in machining process.

Shaft Removal
With stroke of 1 m, as many as thousands of forced fit parts have been removed without any damage to shaft. Examples – Railway wheels from Shaft.

Plate Rolling
Designed for mass production, our plate rolling facility can handle large volume of quantity. Our skilled craftsmen and massive, modern equipment provide the quality and precision. Rolling plate up to 30 mm thick with widths up to 2500 mm.
  • Plate rolling machines 6 Nos.
  • Lengths up to 2500 mm
  • Thicknesses up to 30 mm

Section Bending
Our specially designed section bending machines and tools are unmatched in current market. Channel, Beams, Angles, Flats can be accurately bent as per drawing. With capacity of upto 6" pipe bending, we are providing the best pipe bending services in affordable prices.

Press Brake Forming
CNC bending machine
Make : Hindustan Hydraulics
Precision form parts up to 3000 mm long
·Thicknesses up to 10 mm
·Up to 200 Tons


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Chaudhary Designers & Fabricators
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Chaudhary Designers & Fabricators(CDF) is a supplier of fabricated metal components and welded assemblies. We provide highly integrated, comprehensive manufacturing solutions to customers who build equipment and manage projects which are very specific in nature.
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